Watch: Severe Thunderstorm Causes Train Canopy To Collapse


Like a scene straight out of a disaster movie, a severe thunderstorm passing through the city of Chicago on Sunday night caused a portion of the Blue Line canopy, between Kedzie and Racine stations, to collapse.

Chicago Fire Department Cmdr. Frank Velez verified to the Chicago Tribune that the incident at the Blue Line's Illinois Medical District station was weather-related. After responding to a lightning striking in the area, which caused damage to the platform, the fire department shut down the power and evacuated the train.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported. And fortunately for us, Twitter user Erin Piotrowski happened to be driving in the area and one of her passengers caught the canopy's destruction on video.

Because the debris fell into the tracks, the CTA temporarily suspended Blue Line service, but according to latest CTA update, service is "now operating in both directions over a single track thru Racine and the Illinois Medical District stations" and they workers on-site removing the debris.

CTA is "aiming to restore normal service by AM rush."