'Diesel Brothers' Returns to Discovery, Get a Sneak Peek of the New Season


'Diesel Brothers' Returns to Discovery, Get a Sneak Peek of the New Season

John Cena Would Like to Tell You an iPhone Joke

The world has paused to admire the new Apple iPhone X. This new piece of technology is equipped with everything you need to insulate yourself from Russian hackers. Most impressively, though, is new Face ID function which allows the iPhone to "unlock" once it recognizes the facial features of its master.

However, what if that master, cannot be seen? John Cena would probably love to have the new iPhone X, but some of the coolest bells and whistles won't work for him. The concerned 16-time WWE Champion desperately turned to Twitter for answers.

If Cena gets passed this little bugaboo, he should be able to afford plenty of the $999.00 phone. Or maybe, he's already bought some but will have to give them away since, they can't see him, and all.

Cena once said in his book Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect: The World of John Cena, that the 'You Can't See' slogan has become quite the dubious addition to his life.

“It’s a gift and a curse because people who like me do it and so do people who don’t."

In the book, Cena would go on to fully explaining the origin of his now patented taunt.

"The ‘You Can’t See Me’ thing was a joke from my little brother. My family is a bunch of idiots,” joked Cena. “This stupid song came on, we started dancing around and my brother Sean did this dance from a video where he moves his head around his hands.”

The innocent origin has lead to a multi-million dollar sensation for Cena. It's just too bad the new iPhone is worthless to him.

while the phone may not be able to see him, we certainly can at No Mercy in 13 days. Cena is set to take on Roman Reigns in what will prove to be a watershed moment for both of their careers.