Ric Flair Reportedly Hospitalized Due to Heart Issues

Wrestling legend Ric Flair was reportedly admitted to a hospital intensive care unit over the weekend for heart related issues.

According to a report filed by Pro Wrestling Sheet, sources have indicated that Flair was admitted by family members early on Saturday. He does have a history of heart related issues, so any symptoms of a problem would certainly be a reason for a hospital visit.

No family members have commented as of yet, but Flair's publicist did issue a statement on social media. The statement reads:

“Yes, Ric is checked into a hospital for some routine monitoring. No, there is no reason to panic. Yes, we’d like to thank his fiancé & the incredible hospital staff who are providing the best care. No, we cannot answer any personal questions. Yes, Ric would want you to go out and have a great weekend, Nature Boy style!”

Some have indicated that an ICU visit seems odd for a routine visit, however perhaps the hospital is being extra cautious with a patient who has a history of heart ailments.

No word yet on where Flair is hospitalized. He does live primarily in Atlanta, so one would assume that is where he is being examined.

Ric's daughter, Charlotte of WWE fame, has not commented publicly on her father's hospitalization. She is currently overseas in China on a promotional tour for WWE.

Longtime wrestling fans will remember that Flair was once involved in a WCW storyline where he suffered a heart attack mid-ring during an episode of Monday Nitro. That was of course just part of the show, but Flair has admitted in the past that he does have a heart issue. In Flair's 2004 autobiography To Be The Man, he wrote that he suffers from a condition called alcoholic cardiomyopathy. Developed from years of hard drinking and partying on the road, the condition is marked by a weakening of heart muscles.

Flair retired from active competition in WWE after a WrestleMania bout with Shawn Michaels in 2008. He went on to wrestle sparingly for TNA Wrestling after that. Upon his later return to WWE, he indicated that he did not want to step foot in the ring again after seeing the real life heart attack that was suffered by his friend Jerry Lawler during a 2012 television taping.