Braun Strowman Gushes Over Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman have spent all of 2017 trying to eviscerate one another. It's a rivalry we've already taken for granted, but one day we'll look back and view it as a program that made both men.

Despite the near unprecedented physical nature of their blood feud, it seems like the men have formed a mutual appreciation. On a recent appearance on the Cheap Heat podcast, Strowman had high praise for The Big Dog.

"There's not another talent on this planet like him. He's one of the best, if not the best in the ring, hands down," Strowman said.

If that wasn't glowing enough, Strowman joined CBS Sports' In This Corner podcast where he continued to gush over Reigns.

"He does it night after night, and it doesn’t matter who he’s with, they tear the place down. Lately, it has been me and him blowing the roof off the arena in every place we walk into on God’s green earth,” Strowman said.

The Monster Among Men continued on about Reigns' perseverance.

“That’s the thing that people just don’t get and that’s the work ethic behind Roman Reigns. He’s just a tough S.O.B. I’ve spent so much time in this program, just nailing him and nailing him, and whether it’s stubbornness, stupidity or heart, he just keeps getting back up, which just keeps giving me a reason to knock him back down,” he added.

To say the least, the Strowman-Reigns saga has been memorable. They've had a steady flow of shocking brutality, ranging from attempted murder via an ambulance or launching a rolling chair 40 ft in a moving target. However, it feels like their tour of destruction is coming to an end.

At SummerSlam, they'll join Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe in a fatal four-way for the Universal Championship. While neither is projected to leave as champion, it will serve as the perfect way for them to go their separate ways. Even further, WWE may make sure they aren't even in the same ecosystem. A Superstar Shake Up is rumored to follow SummerSlam. It would be too logical to break apart the beasts that way.

Strowman and Reigns will likely have another entertaining scuffle this Monday and probably a jaw dropping moment within the fatal four-way. But after that, we may have to wait for a WrestleMania moment.