Two Dead After Mass Shooting in Toronto Neighborhood

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Two Dead After Mass Shooting in Toronto Neighborhood

Netflix Releases Statement on Rumors Surrounding Canada Deal

Netflix has been receiving some criticism from fans for raising the prices of its most popular subscriptions. Now, many of those critics are pointing toward a new and expensive deal made by the streaming service as the cause of the price increase.

The company recently made a $400 million deal with Canada in order to move some of its productions there. This has fans believing that the money spent in this deal led to a more expensive subscription, but Netflix has quickly refuted those claims.

"We'd like to set the record straight: The recent price increase has nothing to do with our investment or commitments," Corie Wright, Netflix's director of global public policy in a recent blog post. "That price increase was planned a long time ago."

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The statement also went on to say that the deal with Canada didn't provide them with any special tax treatment.

"Some say Netflix got special treatment because the government didn’t force us to meet special content quotas as part of our investment -- that's wrong," Wright argued. She noted Netflix uses no local broadcast spectrum or rights of way, "and we don’t receive the regulatory protections and benefits that broadcasters get (and, by the way, we’re not asking for them)."

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