This Cyclist Going Full Superman On A Bike Is A Terrifying Formula For Success

Have you ever wondered what the fastest technique for biking downhill is? Well this cyclist just figured out the answer to this burning question when he went full-on Superman mode by laying down horizontally on the bike, with his chest on the seat and holding on to the handlebars for dear life.

While the video is an ad for a customized bike store, this new downhill biking technique appears to be real, highly dangerous, and extremely effective. This daredevil was significantly behind his fellow bikers before laying down on the bike. Shortly after he gets into the Superman pose, the cyclist surges past the others with blazing speed.

Also, a woman riding on a Vespa is hilariously shocked when she sees the brave cyclist, and makes the same face that we all did upon the first look at this crazy stunt. Look for her at the 42-second mark.

Dafne Fixed posted the video on Facebook with the caption: "This Time we needed a SuperHero to smash Road Bikes . Michael Guerravs Road Cyclists .  KASK cycling  Yuri Scarpellini SNOB Milano Hurakan . More info take a look SHOP ONLINE" The video has already received more than 3.8 million views, 28k likes, and more than 61k shares on Facebook.

Are you brave enough to try using this Superman technique on a bike going downhill?

[H/T Facebook: Dafne Fixed]