Young WWE Fan Gets Inappropriate With Alexa Bliss

Some fans just shouldn't be allowed to sit in the front row. Adolescent boys may need to be at the top of WWE's front row "no fly list".

At a recent house show, Nia Jax threw Alexa Bliss over her shoulder and made way for the WWE locker room. Bliss was forced to pass through WWE fans blind and exposed. A young, opportunistic boy, saw this as an ideal time to do something uncalled for:

While this may have proven to be harmless, groping wrestlers is simply a horrible idea. There's plenty of footage of fans overstepping their boundaries and getting mauled by wrestlers. So one more time: do not do this. If that fan were a year older, things could have been much more serious.

It looks like Nia Jax may have gotten a kick out of it, but it wasn't her getting spanked. At the end of the clip, Bliss asks if she did, indeed, just receive a bum slap, but it's hard to tell what her exact tone was.

One last reminder: Do not do this.

Bliss and Jax look to have avoided a real controversy by continuing their match for the WWE locker room. The two on and off screen friends just missed an opportunity to compete for against one another at SummerSlam.

This past Monday, Jax was submitted by Sasha Banks who earned her trip to Summerslam in doing so. Whole Bliss vs. Jax would have been fun, Banks vs. Bliss is the match we've been waiting for.


Aside from projecting to be an exceptional wrestling match as both women are highly talented, there's more to their rivalry than just Championship belts. Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss are adversaries in WWE's locker room. It's been well documented that the WWE Superstars do not get along and their beef is so apparent that WWE has begun to fold it into their program.

They'll fight this Sunday at SummerSlam in what promises to be a show stealer.