WWE's Xavier Woods Boasts About Being Team Iron Man After The Captain America Twist


Following the stunning announcement that Captain America has been turned into a Hydra plant, WWE's own Xavier Woods aka Austin Creed/Watson, posted a video on his YouTube Up Up Down Down channel, laughing in the face of those who called themselves Team Cap during the Civil War marketing.

In the clip above, Austin laughs and laughs and boasted how he's Team Iron Man forever and how "Cap sucks".

It's no secret by now with the massive outburst of media reaction that Steve Rogers is once again Captain America, but at the last page of the first issue by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz lit social media ablaze with the reveal that Captain America is now working for Hydra.

Though it's just the first part of a major arc, we'll have to see if Austin will get to keep laughing of if Cap will be vindicated later on.