WWE's Kane Wins GOP Mayoral Primary by Razor Thin Margin

WWE's Kane (real name Glenn Jacobs) won a Republican Primary on Tuesday night in Knox County, Tennessee. Just barely.

Out of 40,545 votes cast by Republican primary voters, Jacobs emerged victorious by a margin of 17 votes over Brad Anders. That equates to a 0.04% winning percentage. Bob Thomas finished in third place with 11,296 votes. If you've ever thought your vote doesn't matter, leave it to the Big Red Machine to prove otherwise.

This race was to select the Republican Party's candidate for the mayoral race this summer. Though Jacobs has usually identified himself as a Libertarian, he has participated in Republican politics in the past.

Both Anders and Thomas are Knox County commissioners and were considered favorites heading into the primary. Jacobs received a lot of national attention for his bid due to his connection to the wrestling business, even bringing in The Undertaker for a fund raising event.

Though Tuesday night's race was a primary, it is largely expected that the Republican candidate will go on to become the next mayor of Knox County as the area is heavily Republican. Donald Trump won the county by 23.9% over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

On Tuesday night, the Knox County Democratic primary garnered a total of 6,208 voters compared to the GOP Primary's 40,545. Though a primary can't necessarily predict the general election result, the huge discrepancy in voter turnout for each party is a telling sign.

While most political pundits expect 2018 to be a big year for Democrats due to Republican President Donald Trump's historic low approval ratings, it's unlikely that a Republican candidate like Glenn Jacobs will be negatively impacted too much in a county like Knox County, Tennessee where the voters are so overwhelmingly conservative.


The Knox County general election will take place on August 2nd.