The Brothers of Destruction Reunite in an Unlikely Place

The Brothers of Destruction (Kane and The Undertaker) formed one of the most formidable and powerful alliances in WWE history, and the duo reunited once again this week.

That reunion came not in the professional wrestling arena, though, but in the political world. Kane (real name Glenn Jacobs) is running for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. He's called in a few big names from his other career to help him campaign, but perhaps none bigger than The Undertaker.


On Thursday, the duo held a fundraiser at the Rothchild Catering and Conference Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. The event was billed specifically with pro wrestling ties, noting that this would be the first time that the pair had ever appeared together outside of the ring for an event. And what a perfect way to make funds off of dedicated wrestling fans and turn that money into political capital. For a fee of anywhere from $50 to $150, fans could meet The Undertaker and Kane, get an autograph and a photo. The possible future mayor even wore his wrestling mask.

Kane has long been a political advocate and is considered by many to have one of the best political minds in the wrestling industry. His run for mayor will be interesting to follow to see if he can follow the lead of people like Jesse Ventura in turning his wrestling career into a political one.