WWE Rumor: SummerSlam Main Event Already Decided?

With Roman Reigns already 0 for 2 in Universal Championship matches in 2018, one would think that WWE may want to give another WWE Superstar a shot at Brock Lesnar.

But you'd be wrong.

As of now, the plan is for Reigns to meet Lesnar on August 19. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has already begun to foreshadow the match.

"In commentary, they were heavily pushing the idea that Reigns deserves a title shot because of what happened at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Currently, that is the idea for Summerslam, but as noted last week, at least as of a few days ago, it was not 100 percent confirmed, but was the working idea that Lesnar returns for Summerslam and Reigns as of right now is the opponent," said Dave Meltzer.

It's worth noting that Meltzer is putting distance between himself and a SummerSlam guarantee, but Reigns vs. Lesnar has always been the likeliest matchup.

It's no secret that WWE has been planning Reigns' ultimate coronation for well over a year. We expected his high budgeted celebration at WrestleMania, but WWE audibled. Then, when the Lesnar and Reigns were announced for a rematch at the Greatest Royal Rumble, it looked like Reigns would get his crown then. But as we know, that didn't happen.

Since their Saudi Arabian cage match, Lesnar disappeared and Reigns was reassigned to Jinder Mahal. There's no telling when Lesnar will reemerge, but it does look like Reigns and Mahal will take their rivalry well into July—they're already set for Money in the Bank and a recent leak has them meeting again at Extreme Rules.

However as WWE tried to refurbish Reign by having him work against the purest heel in the company, there's an interesting subplot to keep an eye on.

Right now, Seth Rollins is in the middle of a meteoric rise. While his talent has never been in question, injuries and finisher limbo made recent years hard for The KingSlayer. However, he's back, and unquestionably better than ever.

Rollins has been so good, that rumors have him leapfrogging Reigns as the rightful heir to WWE's big red belt. Things are a little too cloudy to predict right now, but by July WWE may have to make a tough decision between their favorite son in Reigns and the people's champion in Rollins.

Regardless, Lesnar's time as champ looks to be terminal and whoever cores that fateful pin will have earned a career-making achievement.


"That's where we're at now. Who can beat Brock Lesnar?" asked Big Show on an appearance on The Steve Austin Show., "Brock Lesnar is no joke, no comedy, no ha-ha, no fun and games. He's a legit champ. Whoever beats Brock Lesnar is going to be made and that's what you want out of somebody that drops the title, not passing the title like you're passing a volleyball back and forth across the net. Now, whoever becomes the champion is somebody that is going to have really earned it through trial and fire."

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