WWE Reportedly Approaching Ronda Rousey for 'Total Divas'

WWE is reportedly approaching Ronda Rousey for Total Divas, with the intent to have her be a regular cast member of the reality series.

According to Ringside News, it's rumored that WWE has been considering the move as of late, and might have already approached the newest wrestling star with an offer.

"It’s a smart move in that it ups the profile of the show, but they’d probably also have to change aspects of the show," said WWE reporter Dave Meltzer of the possible casting shake-up. "Some of the aspects like the scripted issues could say, but a lot of the show is still about setting up gratuitous bikini shots to promote the next episode during the regular shows, and while Rousey has done her swimsuit modeling in Sports Illustrated, that feels like the wrong fit with the character she portrays on the other shows."

"Then again, they had Lana as Russian on the regular shows and not Russian on Total Divas so in a sense they are seen as separate worlds," the Wrestling Observer Newsletter journalist later added.

Total Divas first began airing in 2013, with many of the WWE's star women being featured on the show. Most notably, the series was significantly helpful in the rise of the Bella Twins, who later went on to get their own spinoff, Total Bellas.

Interestingly, Rousey and the Bellas have been beefing lately, with the former UFC champion delivering a verbal beat down to the ladies on the most recent episode of RAW.


"I knocked down doors in judo, knocked doors down in strike force, in UFC, and I’m kicking in doors right here at home in the WWE, the only door you kicked down is the door to John Cenas bedroom," Rousey boldly said to Nikki Bella, then twisting then knife in more by adding, "And he eventually kicked you out that same door."

At this time, neither Rousey nor the WWE appear to have publicly commented on the speculation that she may join the cast of Total Divas, but it may not be long before an official statement is made.