Why Authors of Pain and SAnity Are Already Main Roster Ghosts

WWE's post-WrestleMania week saw NXT's Authors of Pain and SAnity get added to the main roster. [...]

WWE's post-WrestleMania week saw NXT's Authors of Pain and SAnity get added to the main roster. The Authors of Pain have done little in their month as official WWE Superstars and SAnity has yet to even appear on camera.

Surely WWE has something planned for these teams, right? Well, apparently not.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio says that at this moment, WWE has another for either team.

"They're around, [AOP] and SAnitY they got brought up and remember the idea that 'we're not going to bring anyone up unless we have ideas for them? Well, they brought them up and now they have no ideas for them," he said.

This isn't surprising as we haven't seen AOP in nearly a month, and Sanity only exists in fleeting SmackDown advertisements. Their flaccid promotions are yet another data point in a long trend of NXT stars stumbling upon arrival to the main roster. Even more, there have been rumors asserting that WWE won't be placing much emphasis on the tag division because it doesn't contribute to the company's bottom line.

Right now, RAW only has room for two tag teams—the championship duo of Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy and the inherently terminal team of Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. With marquee names like Roman Reigns, Bruan Strowman, Seth Rollins, and Ronda Rousey to cater too, it just doesn't seem like AOP has room to make an impact.

The same goes for SAnity, who upon their debut, will join crowded SmackDown tag division. With the New Day, The Bar, The Usos, and the Bludgeon Brothers all being composed of WWE veterans, SAnity will be given minimal chances to prove themselves.

It's a little early to condemn both AOP and SAnity to permanent irrelevance, but things do not look good. However, this has become part of WWE's cycle as of late. An NXT act earns their graduation, gets handed a few squash matches, a generic promo or two, then they fade away.

And if you're an NXT tag team then you may really be in trouble.

The Revival, American Alpha, The Ascension and The Vaudvillains can all tell tales from the grave of what it's like to try to make a WWE impression. Unfortunately for AOP and SAnity, it may already be time for them to pick their grave plots.

We'll see what happens in the coming weeks, but for now, WWE is rightfully preoccupied with Money in the Bank. But if AOP and Sanity can't make waves by July, then we'll know they are doomed.

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