WWE Fan Infected With Measles Attends WrestleMania 34 Weekend Events, Potentially Infecting Others

A WWE fan from the United Kingdom flew to New Orleans last week for WrestleMania 34. And without even knowing it, the fan may have put thousands of people in a serious health risk.

According to NBC affiliate WMC, the man arrived in the city late last week and became increasingly ill as the days went on, and was hospitalized on Saturday. By Sunday the doctors had diagnosed him with a case of the measles, a highly-contagious virus.

The Louisiana Department of Health has since been retracing the man's steps ever since he took off from the United Kingdom, going so far as to alert anyone who was on the same flight with him.

"Yeah we received an email telling us he was on the same plane as us on the way over there," @Jake_Taft confirmed on Twitter.

While the man never made it to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for WrestleMania 34, he was in attendance for the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on Friday night alongside thousands of fans inside the Smoothie King Center.

"BREAKING: The UK tourist hospitalized with measles was at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony Friday before being hospitalized on Saturday. Attendees are receiving notifications from @LADeptHealth now," reporter Allen Henry tweeted on Thursday.

The State Health Department told WMC there's no need to panic, as immunization against the virus is quite common. However, a carrier of the virus may not show symptoms for one to three weeks after contracting the virus, so officials have been alerting anyone who may have come in contact with him to make sure their vaccinations are up to date.

Early symptoms include a fever, runny nose and cough which eventually lead to white spots appearing inside the mouth while rashes pop up on the skin.


WrestleMania 34 broke the Superdome's record for highest-grossing entertainment event with $14.1 million in revenue, which breaks the stadium's previous record held by WrestelMania XXX at $10.9 million.

WWE reported the attendance for the show was 78,133, which according to Forbes is sixth in all-time attendance for the event. The record is currently held by WrestleMania 32 at 101,763, which took place at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas in April 2016.