Several WWE and NXT Shows Cancelled Due to Budget Cuts

Due to a decrease in projected profits for 2017, WWE has continued to cut some of their programming, mostly on the WWE Network.

This follows a pattern of WWE engaging in some cost cutting measures this year. Pop Culture reported recently about a profit shortfall that WWE had experienced this year. The company is still turning a profit, just not as large as they had projected. Due to this, they have started to cut back in certain areas for the time being. The company recently cut pyrotechnics for this reason.

The most recent project to get the axe was the weekly WWE NXT Insider series, hosted by Cathy Kelley. The show was featured on the company's YouTube channel. Kelley commented on the cancellation on her Twitter page recently.

Two other shows recently cancelled, both part of the WWE Network, were a bit more surprising due to their relative popularity. Renee Young's Unfiltered series and The Edge and Christian Show were also reportedly axed due to budget cuts. Edge and Christian recently spoke about their cancellation during their podcast.


Some of these cuts could have also been made to shore up money for some other projects that WWE has decided to move forward with. For example, they recently filmed more episodes for the Southpaw Regional Wrestling webseries. One would think that it is certainly more expensive to film the Southpaw series, produced in different locations with several performers, than the NXT Insider series which typically featured Kelley by herself in a studio. However, Southpaw was by far the more watched show and continuing that project may have required cuts elsewhere to move it forward.