Vince McMahon Reportedly 'Blown Away' by Ultimate Deletion

There's no doubt that Matt Hardy brought an entirely new flavor to WWE RAW two weeks ago.

Hardy's "Ultimate Deletion" segment with Bray Wyatt, a continuation of something he has done in the past in Impact Wrestling, main evented RAW (while being taped days earlier) and impressed the majority of the people who watched, including one very important person in particular.

According to Sports Illustrated, Vince McMahon was reportedly "blown away" by the success of the segment on social media. Ultimate Deletion was the number one trend on Twitter for three straight hours. This despite a very lukewarm and condescending introduction from Michael Cole.

Some had speculated that Cole's lackluster intro of the segment was fed to him through his headset by McMahon, but if that was the case, his opinion looks to have changed. The fans apparently loved it and as a business man, McMahon is a fan of anything that will make the company money.

The report goes on to note that it wasn't just McMahon who was impressed, but a large segment of the WWE office as well were fans of the segment. Wrestlers and industry insiders in general were very high on the segment, with people such as Hulk Hogan, Hurricane Helms, and Mick Foley praising it on their Twitter pages.


The success of the segment will no doubt lead to more opportunities for Matt Hardy in the future. Perhaps the impression it has left on McMahon will lead to a move up the card for the "Woken' one.