Undertaker Update Adds to WrestleMania Chaos

Now that WrestleMania is so close, WWE has officially entered high rumor season. But perhaps no name has been the source of more gossip than The Undertaker.

Wrestlevotes, a Twitter handle with a source inside WWE, claims that Undertaker vs. Cena is still on for WrestleMania. Even more, the build-up for that program will be SmackDown exclusive.

The Wrestling Observer also says that WWE wants to have the pair of icons meet at WrestleMania, despite reports claiming Cena is destined to battle Rey Mysterio in New Orleans.

For full context, let's backtrack to Monday Night RAW, where Cena masterfully teased a WrestleMania match with the Undertaker. Just as we all wet our pants with glee, Cena pulled the rug out from under us and decreed a match with The Deadman was "impossible."

The Undertaker return took another blow when SI.com claimed the 52-year old has been "ruled out" for 'Mania. This is where all of the Mysterio chatter entered the fray, and as of two days ago, it appeared that he and Cena were a lock for April 8th.

However, reports from PWInsider disputed SI's claims and said that Mysterio's return to WWE is likely, but not to the degree of certainty SI purported. In their article, SI asserted that Mysterio was backstage at this week's SmackDown to finalize his new WWE deal. But apparently, that was not the case.

But, Mysterio is rumored to be close to a new deal with WWE. However, because Mysterio is not interested in a full-time return, negotiations have stalled. While he certainly could sign in time for a WrestleMania match with Cena, it's more likely that he's being used as a smokescreen for The Undertaker.

SI.com never stated why Taker was disqualified for 'Mania, which leaves room for plenty of skepticism. In recent weeks, multiple videos surfaced depicting The Phenom in the middle of some stringent workouts, indicating he is at least healthy. If he has indeed been "ruled out" it would have to be for something other than an injury.


Rumors of Cena vs. Undertaker have percolated for months now, and things appeared to be certain just last week. Mysterio's addition to the story has always felt incongruent, and it's beginning to look like any reports tying him to Cena at WrestleMania have become the dreaded, Fake News.

Photo: WWE