The Rock's New Brahma Bull Tattoo is Finally Complete

When The Rock announced he'd be covering his iconic Brahma Bull tattoo, most wrestling fans didn't know how to react. To see such a classic piece of wrestling nostalgia defaced it felt like the time Hulk Hogan decided to spray paint the World Heavyweight Championship. Regardless of how we feel about it, The Rock's new ink is finally finished.

Rocky posted a video to his Instagram showing off the fresh tattoo.

While fans are still paying themselves back together for the big change, The Rock has been steadfast in his decision. He explained back in August that even though the alterations are drastic, it's simply his next chapter.


"This is officially the evolution of the bull, something that is very meaningful to me. It's become iconic, I've been very grateful, over the years. What it's meant to me, and certainly what it's meant to people all over the world … The mana is very, very strong in the room. We talked for hours and hours and hours of what this means, the evolution, what it means, how it reflects me as a man. So here we go," he wrote on Instagram.