The Rock Comments On Kurt Angle's Surprise Return to WWE Action

Kurt Angle returning to the WWE ring for the first time in 11 years has fans, wrestlers, and media buzzing with excitement. The Rock is no exception.

Before TLC went live on Sunday, The Rock tweeted out his support and congratulations for his former WWE comrade.

According to Kurt Angle, the only thing that kept him from competing in WWE was a clean physical exam. No stranger to injuries and concussions, WWE seemed to be shelving Angle unless they absolutely needed him.

Turns out, they did.

So, in light of Roman Reign's illness and WWE's duty to reconcile the Fake News Shield, they had to do something crazy. Expediting their medical protocol for the 48-year old Angle was just that.

Could Angle's big comeback serve as inspiration for Rocky to make his prodigal WWE return? It's certainly possible, and if Triple H has anything to say about, The Rock won't be able to stay away from WWE for too long. While visiting in India, Triple H took part in a Facebook live chat and discussed Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's WWE future.

"Do you know the one thing about The Rock is that he's in Hollywood, he's making movies, and doing a million different things, but in his heart, he's still WWE. And if you're a fan of his, don't ever think differently because I know how he is," he assured.

Triple H would go on to essentially guarantee that as much as Rocky may love Hollywood, his roots lie in wrestling, aking his return all but imminent.


"He can make all the movies he wants, do all the projects he wants, as can I, but there is nothing in the world like standing in front of the WWE Universe and have that whether it's 5,000 or 100,000, just going crazy, and knowing that you have those emotions in the palm of your hand, and can control that. There's no feeling in the world like that. And I think that's just who he is."

If Rock was unsure about coming back to WWE, it seems like Triple H just made a passive pitch.