'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Not a Fan of Braun Strowman and Nicholas' WrestleMania Moment

One of the most memorable images of WrestleMania 34 was Braun Strowman nabbing a 10-year old fan from the crowd to help him win the RAW Tag Team Championships. However, that message didn't sit well with a lot of WWE fans.

Including Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Sure, Strowman teaming with young Nicholas was certainly a novel idea, but Stone Cold, like many fans, is making the argument that the decision undermined all parties.

He elaborated on the subject during an episode of The Steve Austin Show:

"Braun Strowman is over like rover, a lot of potentials, a lot of momentum, a lot of great storylines for him," said Austin. "But the fact that he goes out there in the crowd and picks some kid, it's almost like a disservice to Cesaro and Sheamus who've been working their a**es off. Two physical specimens, have really gotten some chemistry together as a team. Not to be taken lightly. Braun's a big guy, but you know, Cesaro's one of the strongest guys in the locker room. Sheamus is a brute."

By having a glorified throw-away match, Strowman, Cesar and Sheamus al had their WrestleMania thunder stolen by a young fan. While the crowd loved it as it happened, but the next night, Strowman and Nicholas handed over their Tag Team Championships and nullified their victory.

"They can't monetize this person who was picked from the crowd. And, I don't know, I wasn't really down with it, and that's with respect to a d**n good tag team like The Bar. And then Strowman picks someone [from the crowd], I just, man you're walking a fine line with him, because you have this brute force killer who's legitimately one of the biggest, strongest men in the world. It didn't do much for me."

It may not have done much for any of us. It will look good on WWE's highlight reel, but Strowman was arguably WEE's hottest Superstar heading into 'Mania. Even more, Cesaro and Sheamus put in an admirable effort to become one of the better tag team in recent WWE memory and for them to lose their belts in a low-stakes match was one of WrestleMania's biggest headscratchers.


Since Strowman and Nicholas vacated the titles, Kurt Angle announced a tournament to crown new champs—one that ends at the Great Royal Rumble next week. The Bar will try to reclaim their WWE gold in the finals against the upstart and highly eccentric combination of Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy.

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