Sasha Banks Punches Her Ticket for SummerSlam

Sasha Banks is going to SummerSlam

Banks defeated Nia Jax via the Banks Statement tonight on RAW to officially earn her title shot against RAW Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss.

The match proved to be a fun one as Banks and Jax continued to improve their chemistry. Despite the match's rhythm being interrupted by a barrage of commercials, the two told a great story that climaxed when Banks locked on her patented submission. Jax powered out of it, swinging Banks for a third, and likely final Samoan Drop. However, Banks countered and hit Jax with an impressive DDT that set her hometown crowd on fire. Banks engaged her submission and Nia tapped.

Tonight's match was yet another encouraging step for Women's wrestling. Both Banks and Nia enhanced themselves, but in the end, WWE made the right decision. Banks vs. Bliss is the match we've always wanted.

Jax is en route to becoming championship material. Since she's been protected from the microphone we can't really speculate how good or bad of a talk she actually is. However, her gimmick is one that doesn't need too many words. That said, it seems unlikely she beats Sasha Banks next week and if she does, it would an even slimmer chance that she beats Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. But one day, Jax will be Women's Champion.


Banks vs. Bliss, however, could be all time good. Their physicality along with their heat backstage makes them an easy comparison to Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels. It's a lofty analogy, but these women are capable of putting on a blockbuster at SummerSlam. The only concern is that WWE will not be able to give them the requisite amount of time to put on a classic. Then again, SummerSlam may be six hours so surely room can be spared for a seminal women's wrestling match.

It seems the universe stepped in to correct itself. Booking Bayley for SummerSlam felt incongruous. She's struggled tremendously in her time on WWE's roster so such a huge opportunity seemed like it went to the wrong person. Sure enough, Bayley endured a tough luck shoulder injury and her SummerSlam spot opened. Ironically enough, her best friend has claimed that spot.