Has WWE Gone Cold on Sasha Banks?

This time last year, Sasha Banks was on top of WWE's women's division. But at this moment, she's struggling to find significant screen time. This gap in relevance has a lot of WWE fans asking the same question: what happened?

Well, a lot of it is circumstantial. The arrivals of Ronda Rousey and Asuka combined with the ascension of Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss effectively pushed Banks to the side. But ECW legend and WWE veteran Taz thinks that Banks may be in store for a deeper slide.

He shared the following on an episode of The Taz Show:

"Someone like a Sasha Banks can get lost in the shuffle," said Taz. "And she's not the only one. I mean there's so many talents, that's not me saying anything negative about Sasha's abilities, has nothing to do with her abilities, it just has to do with she's been there several years now on the main roster, and it's like they're like, 'How do we set the table [and] the story op for when [Shayna] Baszler comes in? She's the NXT champ, but what are we gonna do when she comes up?'"

Taz said that Banks' reputation of being rude to fans is understandable, but an action that won't endear her to WWE decision makers. Even more, in looking at Banks' trajectory, Taz found a similarity in his career, noting that he's experienced what it feels like to fall out of favor in WWE.

"It's kind of a slow, gradual thing that happens behind the scenes, and there are little signs that you could tell," said Taz. "And that's the thing I think most people don't talk about that maybe have experienced this like yours truly because I have experienced this."

There's no denying that Banks doesn't have the prominent role she did a year ago. The women's division seems to improve by the week, and Banks simply isn't getting the same opportunities she used to. But is it because WWE has moved on from the boss?

Eh, it's hard to say.

It's one thing to reach the top of WWE's mountain, but it's a completely different fight to stay there. Banks is already highly decorated and still very young. However, by all indications, she won't be a champion for a while—RAW belongs to Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey. This doesn't mean she's doomed. just that she's in for a lull—not a punishment.

Banks' slip down WWE's card is only a chapter in what will likely be a very long and very successful career.

So to Banks and her fans—be patient. WWE is keenly aware of her potential, but they have to figure out if Ronda Rousey can actually be the face of the company, if Nia Jax can be the Andre the Giant of the women's division, if Asuka has staying power, if women's tag titles are necessary, and what NXT call-ups are actually future champions.


In the meantime, enjoy Sasha vs. Bayley.

[H/T Wrestling Inc.]