News on Sasha Banks' Potential Heel Turn

As much as the WWE Universe loves Sasha Banks, we secretly want to hate her. That's because, originally, The Boss won fans over by her ability to portray such a believably spiteful and narcissistic witch in her days in NXT. Fans that saw her then know that Sasha is at her best as heel. And it may finally be happening in WWE.

Pro Wrestling Votes, a twitter account that broke some of WWE's biggest stores the past week, including Neville and Nia Jax's departure and the apparent outbreak of viral meningitis, now has a scoop on Sasha Banks' future.

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Banks has shown heelish tendencies since her arrival on the main roster, but she has yet to be fully unleashed as a bad girl. Her turn is certainly a matter of when and not if, so WWE is likely waiting for the perfect moment. However, right now WWE is utterly preoccupied with the arrival and facilitation of Asuka. WWE's commitment to handling her booking well has left much of the women's division neglected, Banks included.

As talented as Banks is, she, like Seth Rollins, is an unnatural babyface. In a recent interview with us, WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross, asserted that Banks is just too natural of a heel to ignore.

"Sasha seems to be at her base, she seems to be at this, as a TV character, as far as how she comes across in my living room when she has a little edge to her and just a little bit of a heel," he said.

Banks' chapter as a babyface has been a source of disappointment for her fans and maybe even herself. After Charlotte left RAW, it seemed that Banks would make Monday nights hers. However, the rise of Alexa Bliss has forced a market share. Even further, the rise of Nia Jax also cost Banks camera time, but nothing may compare to the vacuum that Asuka my command.


As of late, Banks' relevancy has been attached to her friendship with Bayley. There's not much juice left to squeeze out of that relationship and a heel turn from either Superstar seems like the next logical step.

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