Watch: Ronda Rousey Suspended After RAW Rampage

RAW's opening segment saw Ronda Rousey ravage Alexa Bliss, judo toss Kurt Angle, and smack anything that moved with the Money in the Bank briefcase. However, Rousey's madness earned her a 30-day suspension.

Rousey interrupted Alexa Bliss' self-indulgent championship coronation to kick off RAw. After the new champ spat one too many insults, Rousey unleashed. The crowd loved every blow that landed, but the volume spiked when Rousey put her hands on Angle. With him down, she powerbombed Bliss through a table.

Directly after the blow-up, Angle suspended Rousey for 30 days.

Coming off a nuclear Money in the Bank WWE is keeping Rousey's momentum charged. Suspending her may look like a counter-intuitive way to endear a WWE Superstar, but Stone Cold Steve Austin made a career out of being anti-authority.

While the suspension is an old trick, in Rousey's case it was brilliant. No one foresaw her attacking Kurt Angle and the WWE zookeepers that offered to help. This surprise quickly turned into glee as Rousey dismantled everything that moved.

Angle's decision will keep Rousey out of the July 15 Extreme Rules event. Instead of Rousey's revenge, we'll get Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax. But this is about the long play, and we can officially mark our calendars for Bliss vs. Rousey at SummerSlam.

There's a small chance Jax finds her way into that SummerSlam title match, but WWE is so clearly planting seeds for Bliss and Rousey to meet. It will be interesting to see how Rousey treats her suspension. If Stone Cold is our working precedent, then Rousey will pop in from time to time to raise a little hell and be escorted in handcuffs. That may be a little on the nose, but a tactic that is guaranteed to work.


WWE has applied a similar tactic to Roman Reigns, however, the WWE universe had already decided they were not interested in the Big Dog. With ROusye, WWE is moving swiftly through narratives. Her WrestleMania feud with Triple and Stephanie McMahon seems like a distant memory, as will her MITB match with Jax by the time SummerSlam comes around. Th next few weeks should be interesting as WWE tried to toe the line of telling a unique story around Rousey and rolling out their cliches. Rouse has been nothing but fresh so far, and we may be foolish to underestimate her and WWE.