Cedric the Entertainer Says Ronda Rousey Should Be a WWE Heel

Former MMA fighter Ronda Rousey recently made her WWE debut, and comedian Cedric the Entertainer says she'd be the perfect heel.

TMZ caught up to Cedric and told him the news about Rousey signing with the wrestling organization, and he seemed on-board with it.

"I think she should go villain first," Cedric said. "Let people hate her."

He then somewhat-jokingly suggest that she should take up the moniker Ronda "Rebel" Rousey.

Finally, Cedric did also take a moment to warn her about "them Bella girls," but added that "she could be at big star" with the WWE.

Rousey's grand introduction into the WWE isn't the only big news to come out of the organization lately, as chairman Vince McMahon recently announced a planned relaunch of the previously defunct XFL.

Unlike the Rousey news, however, the XFL announcement has been met with somewhat mixed reactions.

To start, there are many people who are excited about the news.

"I can't wait to rock my Chicago Enforcers jersey to a game again," one XFL fan wrote.

"Vince McMahon plans to relaunch the #XFL in 2020. He said he wants to bring the game of football back to the fans. If he does this the right way, the NFL will go out of business. And I will be the first to cheer their downfall," said another enthusiastic fan.

However, there are many who are decidedly not thrilled about it, and still others who think it is just laughable.

"I will be taking a knee during the Limp Bizkit song played before every XFL game," one person joked, while someone else said, "For those of you too young to remember... the XFL sucked heavy b—."

"In a way McMahon is a visionary, in that XFL was somehow too stupid for 2001 but it is exactly stupid enough for 2018," another user quipped.

Some taken issue with what they see as noticeable political overtones in the structure of the new XFL.


"Loved the original XFL. In part because it allowed players more freedom of expression. This version starts off limiting freedom of expression. It feels like an extremist right wing version of the original," tweeted Mike Freeman, NFL columnist.

On the whole, it seems as if the new XFL is ruffling feathers in more ways than one, but one thing for sure is that WWE star Nia Jax is excited as she tweeted out that she is already "brainstorming" her XFL nicknames.