Ronda Rousey's Samoan Drop Has Potentially Dangerous Flaw

When Ronda Rousey lifted Stephanie McMahon on her shoulders, no one really knew what would happen next. And that may include Rousey herself.

While watching live, it looked like Rousey was prepping Stephanie for Brock Lesnar's F-5 — something that would have blown the roof off the building. Instead, Rousey went for a frog-legged rendition of a Samoan Drop. It got the job done, but if we're being fair, it was a little clunky.

Obviously, the former UFC Champion gets a pass as it no one was hurt and the message was delivered. However, wrestling lifer and hardcore legend, Tommy Dreamer found a flaw in the move that could potentially put Rousey in harm's way.

Here's the actual move from RAW. You can see that Rousey hooks her left arm around Stephanie, thus altering Steph's landing and putting Rousey's shoulder in a compromising position.

It's called a Samoan Drop for a reason, so let's watch a few famous Samoans hit the move the right way.

If you'll humor us in some film study, you can see Nia Jax and Roman Reigns keep one of their arms free during the lifting an dropping of their opponent, where Rousey kept both arms wrapped around the RAW Commissioner's corpse.

And then there's Indie star Flip Gordon's version of the move. If Rousey is able to master this sequence, Vince McMahon's heart will explode in his chest.


Happy Samoan Dropping everybody!