Roman Reigns Says Only Daniel Bryan Can Turn Him Heel

WWE fans have been clamoring for Roman Reigns to turn heel for half a decade. WWE seems uninterested in the possibility, but Reigns just revealed the one condition required for him to finally be a bad guy.

In an interview with Give Me Sport, Reigns said that match with Daniel Bryan would obligate his heel turn.

This certainly isn't a bad idea by Reigns, but the logistics are a little wonky. Reigns and Bryan are different on shows, likely for at least the next year. So, while Reigns' answer is certainly intriguing, there's not much to be done about it.

At least for now.

In 2014, Reigns and Bryan went at with a bid for WrestleMania 31 on the line. This was the beginning of Reigns' steady ascension up WWE's card while Bryan was trying to fight his way back to 'Mania's main event. Their match at Fastlane saw Reigns vehemently booed while Bryan played the part of a hero. Reigns would win—to the chagrin of every fan of the building—and marched on to WrestleMania to face Brock Lesnar for the first time.

However, that match with Bryan was the first time WWE helped its fans oppose Roman. While his 2014 Royal Rumble win was audibly protested, by pitting him against Bryan, WWE made it easy for fans to align against him. Reigns' win marked the beginning of the trend we're currently riding: Roman will beat your hero. The Undertaker, John Cena, Triple H, Braun Strowmanand AJ Styles have all fallen to Reigns, regardless of their popularity.

Reigns' Fastlane match with Bryan was the first time WWE seemed cool with the negative reaction Reigns' can garner. While he's never had a singular turn, WWE likes to keep Reigns in a grey zone. When the crowd rejects him, he leans into, acting like a true bad guy. But if the audience is behind Reigns, he'll play it like a typical hero.


In the end, the discussion of Reigns being a heel or face is ultimately futile because, depending on the night, he plays both. Whether or not this is a good strategy by WWE, cultivating a normally ambiguous character, is an entirely different discussion.

You can safely bet that if the stars align and Bryan meets Reigns yet again, will be the bad guy.