Ric Flair's Latest Health Battle Took an Alarming Toll on His Body

The wrestling community spent all of August holding their breath during Ric Flair's health crisis. It took a risky operation and kidney dialysis to survive his match with death, but Nature Boys is still strutting amongst us.

However, it looks like his fight took quite the toll on the 16-time World Champion. Here's a photo from July of this year, about a month before Flair's emergency.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.50.21 AM
(Photo: Ric Flair)

Just the other day, Flair was paid a visit by NBA great, Charles Barkley. The pair opted for a photo and it proved to be a sobering reminder of what The Nature Boy has been through this summer.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.50.36 AM
(Photo: Ric Flair)

The differences in the photo don't need to be underlined. It's clear that Flair has spent the past few weeks quite literally fighting for his life. We're just happy to still have The Nature Boy around.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Dinner With The King, Jerry Lawler revealed some morbid details regarding Flair's struggle. In speaking with fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Ricky Steamboat, Lawler learned that doctors gave Flair a slim chance of making it out of surgery.

"Apparently it was really a touch and go situation, they explained to him [Ricky Steamboat], and when the Nature Boy had that first surgery, the doctors said that Ric had a 20% chance of survival of making it through that surgery. But we all know that he did pull through. And I heard yesterday, he's already cutting promos on nurses," he said.

By the tone of the news surrounding Flair's health, we all assumed that things were serious — but a 1/5 chance of survival provides sobering odds. Luckily, Flair has spent most of his adult life defying odds and evading death.

Flair sat down for an interview with the Daily Mail where he discussed his vitality and keen ability to avoid the Grim Reaper.

"I don't have any health issues. Everybody else has hips and knees. I had to go to Pittsburgh for a physical because they wanted me to do some in-ring stuff. I go there to see the heart specialist. They tested me for four hours," Flair said.

According to Flair, his body's resilience tends to shock doctors.

"The doctors said 'there's something wrong with you, has to be,' and I said 'yeah, it's called an hour Broadway every night brother.' The guy looked at me and said that I was a medical miracle," Flair continued.

Flair famously walked away from a plane crash in 1975 that killed the pilot and paralyzed the other passenger. Flair has shown a remarkable ability to simply stay alive. while he may not look his best at the moment, we can bet he'll be back to his limousine ridin' self in no time.



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