Randy Orton Looking To Return Sooner Than Later

(Photo: WWE)

Having been on the shelf since September, Randy Orton has voiced about his return, though it's unclear on exactly when, but the twelve-time world champion is looking to make a comeback on the WWE, that is currently overrun by the stars of the New Era.

Over at this Twitter page, Orton took some time out of his recovery to do some Q&A with fans who are wanting their Apex Predator back in ring.

Orton has been injured since September of last year dealing with a shoulder injury, but even in that time some new stars have surfaced and have already made an impact within the company. Orton briefly talked about the guy who he wants to get in with the ring most and answered it in the most Legend Killer of ways.

Orton vs Styles would be an absolute stellar match up. Both are about the same build and have roughly the same amount of experience. If AJ was looking for more high profile matches, a showdown with Orton has the potential for a blockbuster.