Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal Will Enter the Punjabi Prison

SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon appeared on tonight's SmackDown Live, making official a [...]

SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon appeared on tonight's SmackDown Live, making official a rematch between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal at the upcoming Battleground PPV. Though the WWE Championship Title will once again be on the line, this time the stakes will be much higher, as the heated rivals will face off in the previously-rumored return of one of WWE's most perilous match stipulations- The Punjabi Prison!

Following a blink-and-you'd-miss-it squash match between Orton and singing sideshow jobber Aiden English, Randy Orton refused to leave the ring until he got what he wanted-- a rematch with the reigning champion Jinder Mahal, and revenge for the Modern Day Maharaja's disrespecting his family at Money in the Bank, in Orton's hometown of St Louis.

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That's when Shane McMahon's "Here Comes the Money" theme hit, and the SmackDown commissioner made his entrance to grant Orton's wishes. Though he gave the former champion his rematch, he announced he would allow the defending Mahal the option to pick any stipulation of his choosing.

Upon making his entrance and delivering the usual "stupid Americans" heel promo, Jinder then announced his decision that the two would face off in the dreaded confines of THE PUNJABI PRISON!

The exotic gimmick match was made famous by several of the most physically imposing superstars to come "From Parts Unknown." The very first use of a Punjabi Prison Match took place was at the 2006 Great American Bash, where Big Show took on The Undertaker.

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But it is perhaps most well known for the following year's showdown between Batista and Jinder Mahal's friend and mentor, The Great Khali at the No Mercy PPV. Khali actually hails from Punjab, and was the first ever Indian Superstar to hold the World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history.

As the likely main event for the upcoming Battleground PPV, this will mark the first Punjabi Prison Match in 10 years, and only the third time we will have seen this elaborate ring set-up in WWE history.