Paul Heyman Backhands Raw Product, Men's Locker Room

Paul Heyman resumed his rock-throwing campaign against WWE with a tweet he unleashed in the middle of Raw on Monday. However, this time he took aim at WWE's product.

A fan from Twitter pointed out that if Heyman was indeed tuned in for Raw that he should at least live-tweeting the episode. Moments later, Heyman complied.

"Blunt answer to your interratory: Because when #RAW is built around CHALLENGERS (aka "wannabes") instead of a once-ever athlete (@BrockLesnar) and his humble @Advocate, the commercials are actually the best part of the show!"

As any Raw fan knows, the three-hour behemoth of a program is saddled with a hefty load of commercials. By Heyman claiming the commercial are the best part of Raw, that's the insult equivalent of a bonus ball in the three-point contest.

This marks the second instance on heresy from Heyman as over the weekend he penned a girthy Facebook post dedicated to running down the men's locker room.

After calling Roman Reigns a "Sloppy Second Samoan," Heyman spent a chunk of his page space attacking Bobby Lashley. His focus on the freshly returned Superstar has some thinking it's a bit of SummerSlam foreshadowing.

Heyman's post combined with Kurt Angle's cancellation of the Extreme Rules main event due to a contractual complication with Lesnar had veiled WWE's plans nicely.

Since WrestleMania 34, Heyman, Lesnar and Vince McMahon have seemingly gone out of the way to add a thick layer of kayfabe. Using Lesnar's UFC ambitions as a shield, WWE is now able to execute a focused plan behind their curtain. The story they're weaving is a continuation of the WrestleMania build-up with Reigns: Lesnar does as he pleases. WWE is trying to depict Lesnar as a money-grubbing albino gorilla that simply refuses to stay or go. This bout of Lesnar Limbo does two important things:

1. It keeps fans guessing (you may not be buying this schtick, but many already have).

2. Lesnar becomes the clear villain.

However, by Heyman keeping it real like this, he may endear himself and his client even further to WWE's hardcore fans. But that's clearly a gamble WWE is willing to make. Those who are exhausted from his part-time campaign vastly outnumber fans who unconditionally love Lesnar (full disclosure, I'm one of them).


All of this build up the colossal dethroning of Lesnar. Regardless of what is happening, we can all agree that Lesnar's days as a WWE Superstar feel like they're coming to a close. So, in one of his final acts as WWE employee is to make sure to fix his divit—meaning as he leaves he'll have to take a high profile pin from a rising Superstar. But right now who WWE chooses to be "made" by Lesnar still looks to be up in the air.

"That's where we're at now. Who can beat Brock Lesnar?" asked Big Show said on the Steve Austin Show. "Brock Lesnar is no joke, no comedy, no ha-ha, no fun and games. He's a legit champ. Whoever beats Brock Lesnar is going to be made and that's what you want out of somebody that drops the title, not passing the title like you're passing a volleyball back and forth across the net. Now, whoever becomes the champion is somebody that is going to have really earned it through trial and fire."