Macaulay Culkin Interferes in Wrestling Match and Squashes Former WWE Superstar

We've seen Macaulay Culkin dominate his foes with swinging paint buckets, rigged doorknobs, strategically placed toy cars, and other domestic death traps, but we've never seen him squash an adversary with a splash from the top rope. Until now.

The now 37-year old Home Alone star is a huge wrestling fan and on Thursday night, he actually got to step in the ring. At an event put on by Bar Wrestling, Culkin interfered in a match Joey Ryan, Candace Laraeand Dick Justice VS. Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, and former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle. True to his famed Kevin McCallister character, Culkin tossed a bucket full of marbles into the ring, sending several wrestlers flying.

But it was Culkin who ended up flying. With a boost from Santa Clause, Culkin kissed the sky en route to splashing down upon Hornswoggle.


It wasn't exactly a WrestleMania moment, but hey, it was cool nonetheless. Thanks to Pro Wrestling Sheet for the footage. Here's another angle thanks to Marc Raimondi on Twitter: