Lavar Ball to be on RAW Tonight?

The universe may have just perfectly aligned. Tonight, Monday Night RAW will be airing live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. According to Ryan Satin of, there may be a very special guest on WWE's invitation list.

Per Satin, it's likely that Lavar Ball will make his WWE debut tonight.

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For those that don't know, Lavar Ball is the outspoken father of Los Angeles Lakers' highly touted draft pick, Lonzo Ball. During Lonzo's final year at UCLA, his father's media blitzkrieg quickly established himself as the best interview in all of sports.

Lavar's animated appearances have earned him a polarizing reputation, and that may be putting it nicely. Regardless, the man is comfortable in front of the camera and it didn't take long for people to fantasize about placing his diatribes on WWE television.

And it may be upon us.

This is a concept that has developed quickly, leaving WWE little room to advertise Ball's appearance. The video above is from the NBA Draft where Lavar and his sons were discussing a potential cameo on RAW.

Now that our fantasies are close to manifesting, what exactly does Lavar Ball on RAW look like?

Ball has become one of the biggest heels in American pop culture, and treating him as such on WWE camera would be too easy. However, tonight's RAW is in L.A. The same city that Lavar claimed his son would lead to the playoffs his rookie year. Heels get boos, and those might be hard for Lavar to garner in his hometown.

However, an entire nation will be salivating to watch Lavar get his comeuppance. This rumor has another salacious condition - Stone Cold Steve Austin is being tossed around as another guest appearance for tonight's show. Austin himself lives in L.A., and there are tens of millions of people who would love to see him land a Stunner on the braggadocios Ball.


Whether any of this happens or not is yet to be seen. But, it sure is fun to speculate. Stay tuned, folks.

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