Kevin Owens Defeats Shane McMahon (with Sami Zayn's Help) at Hell In A Cell

McMahon started the match on the offensive. He ambushed Owens as he hesitated to get in the cell, battling out on the entrance way. McMahon assaulted him with several punches and threw him into the ringside barrier.

When the action finally spilled into the cell, Owens took the upper hand. He toyed with McMahon and played to McMahon's kids in the front row.

Eventually McMahon came back and went for a shooting star press from the top rope, to no avail, belly flopping on an empty canvas. Owens followed that up with a frog splash from the top.

McMahon fought back and countered the pop-up powerbomb into a triangle submission that Owens eventually escaped.

As the men continued to fight, Owens set up a table on the outside (to the fan's delight). He ran across the ring apron and went for a somersault splash, but Shane moved and Owens went through the table in an absolutely insane looking spot.

McMahon took out a trash can as they worked their way back into the ring. Shane set up Owens in the corner with the trash can as he's done with many opponents in the past and hit the dropkick from the opposing corner. Owens was able to escape the pin via a rope break, which had Corey Graves questioning whether a rope break applies in a falls count anywhere match (or in a Hell In A Cell match in general).

At this point, McMahon took bolt cutters out from under the ring and cut the padlock that was on the cell door. They fought to the outside, where Owens gave Shane a DDT on the metal entrance ramp. He followed that up by lifting Shane up and jamming his groin into the cell door, leading to a brief "no more kids" chant.

They fought over to the announcer tables and Owens headbutted Shane, setting him up on the table itself. Owens climbed on top of the ringside barrier and was about to splash Shane through the table, but then he looked up at the cage as the fans roared.

Owens then made his way up to the top of the cage as McMahon layed on the table below. He started to psych himself up but refuses to jump off the cage. At that point, as Owens played to the crowd, Shane pulled himself off the table and began to scale the cage. Owens waited for him to reach the top and then began to punch Shane just as he reached the top. Shane swung around, nearly falling, before finally climbing to the top.

At this point, both men faced off on top of the cage, exchanging right hands at a furious rate. McMahon gave Owens a Russian Legsweep as Graves noted that he was "praying that the cage holds." McMahon followed that up with a body slam to Owens. Owen fought back, hitting a superkick and back splash to McMahon. Owens went for a powerbomb, but Shane raised his head and back dropped Owens.

It should be noted that the match felt really uncomfortable at this point, with fans in the arena and around the country (world) worrying about the well-being of these two men.

They exchanged right hands back and forth until Owens finally hit the pop-up powerbomb to Shane. On top of the cage. Owens collapsed in exhaustion at this point as well.

Owens then went to throw Shane off the cage, but McMahon collapsed to stop it and fought Owens off. They continued to exchange right hands and clotheslines, with Owens eventually dropping McMahon. Owens then went to climb down the cage as the fans boo'ed. Shane grabbed him from the top to stop him. Owens fought him off and continued to retreat down the cell as Shane followed him. They got about halfway down the cell and Shane started to kick Owens. He gave him some kidney shots and then started smashing Owen's face into the cage, resulting in Owens falling through the announce table below.

EMTs checked on Owens as Shane crawled over toward his fallen opponent. He then lifted Owens to his feet and set him up on another announce table (following a headbutt). Phillips noted that was payback for his father. Shane then climbed to the top of the cell as the crowd went wild. he psyched himself up and then lleapt off the cell, but Owens moved and Shane went through the table. At that point, Sami Zayn was shown and a different camera angle revealed that Sami had pulled Kevin off the table.


Zayn then pushed the EMTs out of the way and pulled Owens over to the fallen McMahon. He draped Owens over Shane as the referee counted three, giving Kevin Owens the victory.

This is definitely an interesting new direction for Sami Zayn. One of the most talented wrestlers on the roster who has been stuck without much direction for quite some time. This Tuesday's edition of SmackDown should prove to be very interesting.