Kevin Owens And AJ Styles Steal The Show At WWE Backlash

WWE BackLash featured a major 'Faceoff' between the 'New Face of America', Kevin Owens and 'The [...]

WWE BackLash featured a major "Faceoff" between the 'New Face of America', Kevin Owens and 'The Face That Runs The Place', AJ Styles. Owens won the dream match that, only two years ago, the internet wrestling community thought they'd never see take place in a WWE ring.

The action exceeded everything fans had hoped for, with AJ and KO giving everything they had from bell to bell and hitting signature spot after signature spot. The match took a turn when Styles went for the Styles Clash from the apron and Owens reversed the attempt into putting AJ's injured leg into the ring post. KO then went hard after the leg, keeping Styles' high flying offense grounded.

Owens picked up the countout victory when Styles leg was caught in the announced table, leaving open the opportunity for these two to do battle again in the near future.

Many in the WWE Universe saw the bump down the card as a downgrade for Styles, but in a recent interview with Sky Sports, AJ revealed that he had major goals for the US belt.

"I think the United States Championship is as big of a deal to me as the WWE Championship, I'm just not in line for that right now and that's okay. I set goals and being U.S. Champion is one of those and I want to make that United States Championship as important as the WWE Championship."

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According to one of the major rumors floating around has Owens moving on from his feud with AJ Styles right into a feud with the red hot Shinsuke Nakamura.

Nakamura and Owens are scheduled for a WWE live event in Bakersfield, California on June 26th. Live events aren't always indicative of what will transpire on TV, but they generally are where WWE gives new storylines test runs to prepare for the larger audience.

Owens would be a perfect next feud for Nakamura as he could carry the story on the mic and give him an equal in the ring.

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As for Styles, whether he continues his pursuit of Kevin Owens or looks for new opponents, we're certain his next move will be nothing short of Phenomenal.