Kenny Omega Cites The New Day as Reason to Stay Out of WWE

There may not be a better success story in recent WWE memory than the meteoric rise of The New Day. Since being handed the baton, the animated trio revived tag team wrestling in WWE. However, even though they've earned a bigger stage, it has yet to come. And that notion has Kenny Omega a little nervous.

It's not that the New Day has been ignored; they recently joined TRipl H and Stephanie McMahon on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. In fact, we'd guess that Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E are just as busy as John Cena and Roman Reigns when it comes to making public appearances. However, fans have begun to clamor for their success as a group to translate to opportunities and accolades as solo wrestlers.

But that has yet to even come close to happening.

"It's things like that that really make me think twice about what I would be getting into if eventually, I do go there," Kenny Omega told

Omega, who is the hottest name outside of WWE, just signed at a one-year extension with New Japan Wrestling, but many were hoping 2018 would have been the year he finally joined WWE.

However, the 34-year old has been vocal against WWE as an institution and his concern for the New Day is just the latest data point in a trend that suggests Omega will never come to WWE.

Like thousands of fans, Omega believes that The New Day is not only capable of being solo stars, but WWE owes them the shot.

"They're three of my favorite guys in the entire company," said Omega. "They clearly know how to entertain, and they're all great athletes."

Omega would continue to glow about each member on an individual level.

"When I see Big E, I clearly see someone who could be world champion," said Omega. "The guy is on another level. Kofi is one of those guys who is good in all situations and can challenge for all titles, and Xavier is another great athlete who is talented in the ring and confident on the mic," he explained.


As of late, it appears WWE has The New Day in a bit of a holding pattern. The trio had a remarkable feud with The Usos that lasted a decent chunk of 2017 but the pancake flipping trio has been airless since. Even more, outside of rebooting a feud with The Usos for WrestleMania, it doesn't look like there's much out there on WWE's landscape.

They may have been due a cooling period, but their act is too much fun to stay on the shelf for long. Here's to hoping 2018 is their best year yet.