The New Day Win The Tag Team Titles Once Again on SmackDown Live

The first big title match on this week's SmackDown Live happened at the end of hour one as the Usos defended their tag team titles against the New Day in an epic SummerSlam rematch.

If you saw the bout that they had just a couple of weeks ago, it's probably no surprise to you that these two teams once again tore the house down. It was a no DQ match (dubbed a "Sin City Street Fight") that saw the Usos bring in a Kendo stick and whale on Big E at one point while Kofi Kingston was out of it on the outside of the ring.

Kofi eventually made the save, taking out both members of Team Uso with kicks and stealing the Kendo stick for his own use, breaking it over the back of Jimmy Uso. Then he used a chair, tossing it to Jimmy Uso and using a double stomp on the chair to his chest out of the corner.

As the action spilled to the outside, Big E destroyed both opponents with a big belly to belly suplex and a beat down through the announce position. He brought both guys back into the ring, hitting most of his signature spots on both guys in the process. Though eventually he couldn't handle both opponents, eating several superkicks. As the Usos went for Double Uce out of the corners, Kofi came back and tossed Jay Uso off the top rope through a table on the outside.

Jimmy Uso then took a kick from Kofi, was lifted by Big E, and Kofi came off the top rope to hit the Midnight Hour for the pinfall.

With their victory on Tuesday night, the New Day have won their fourth tag team championship. Xavier Woods came out, trombone in hand, after the match to celebrate with his teammates.

This might be the first time I've ever wished for SmackDown to be a three hour show as we could have gotten some epic videos of New Day celebrating throughout Vegas following their championship win. Hey WWE, how about some YouTube exclusives?