Justin Credible Admits to Ripping Cocaine Before Matches

Most Americans need a pick me up before work. Typically, that looks like a cup of coffee, or three, before commuting to the office. However, for former WWE Superstar Justin Credible, his extra boost didn't come from a cup of caffeine, but a face full of cocaine.

The 8-time WWE Hardcore Champion joined Booker T on his podcast, Heated Conversations, and revealed his extreme, and illegal, prematch routine.

"Oh, it's true. It's true, man," said Credible. "I can recall when I got a little up there in the game, I haven't said this to too many people, but I'll just keep myself named in this, I remember in the War Memorial [Auditorium] in Fort Lauderdale [Florida], I was hip enough and cool enough at the time to have my own locker room and I'd have a good amount of cocaine put out there because I'd know nobody would come into my locker room. And literally, my music would be playing and I'd take a couple of good rips and I'd go out there."

We'd be willing to bet that Credible wasn't the first wrestler to adopt this powdery ritual, but we admire his candor for sharing his dirty secret. However, choices like this contributed Credible's long fight with the demons of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

For Credible, like many of his peers, his slippy slope of addiction began harmlessly as he tried to alleviate an acute ailment with a quick fix.

I started to do it simply to get along," Credible recalled. "I remember the first pill I ever took. I wrestled The Brooklyn Brawler at a high school show and I was traveling with Scott Hall. And I hurt my shoulder real bad and we had a long tour ahead of us and he popped a pill in my beer and told me, 'drink it.' And I drank it and I felt good and I liked that feeling. It made me feel good."

Credible, real name PJ Polanco, debuted in WWE in 1993 and has several stones within the company in the decade that followed. During his fight with addiction, WWE intervened and sponsored his rehabilitation and recovery. Today, the 44-year old is clean and sober.


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