Did John Cena's Move to RAW Just Get Leaked?

While we've reported that John Cena will be trading his SmackDown blue for RAW red later this month, it now appears we have Cena's official Monday night start date.

Barclays Center made a compromising tweet on Friday in hopes to promote the RAW after SummerSlam - which happens to also be in their arena. Their ambition to advertise may have leaked some of WWE's plans.

Whoops! It sure seems like Barclays let this one slip. As a partner of WWE's they were likely privy to some inside information. While Cena showing up on RAW next week isn't too surprising, the fact that Barclays leaked it is.

We reported a similar story two weeks ago when WWE.com was caught advertising Cena for No Mercy, a RAW pay-per-view. But this recent news takes things one step further.

Cena's imminent departure from SmackDown has several implications. The first is that his match with Baron Corbin will likely be a one-off. Their feud has been shotgunned onto the SummerSlam card and will likely serve as a surprisingly good mid-card match. It will be the biggest match of Corbin's career, but just because he's fighting the lame duck Cena, that doesn't make his win inevitable.


WWE could easily have Cena pin Corbin in the name of The Lone Wolf not needing the win as he still possesses the Money in the Bank contract. If Corbin were to cash in on the Universal Champion or the WWE Champion then most of us would forget that Cena has pinned him earlier in the night (like Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31).

For Cena, heading to RAW opens up plenty of interesting speculation. In all likelihood, WWE is moving him to Monday to help in their unofficial war against Monday Night Football. Even further, this expands Cena's list of potential adversaries. Maybe he entered a feud with Braun Stowman or Samoa Joe. But what's most likely is that Cena and Roman Reigns will continue to build their case to have a humorous match at Wrestlemania 34.