Does John Cena Want to Join the Bullet Club?

Here's one that you probably have never thought of: would the Bullet Club welcome John Cena?

Cena took part in a question and answer with fans on Thursday, and the topic of whether or not he would want to join the Bullet Club came up. Cena's answer was, well, hilarious.

"Would I like to join the Bullet Club? I don't know, that's a pretty elite club I don't know if they'd have me. I don't know. I'm beyond my years. It would be like them getting, I don't know, a grizzled veteran. It would be like in Major League when they signed Dorn. It would be like 'oh we should've had this guy three years ago and they did, ah whatever, anyway."

It's also great that he worked "Elite" in there. Was that intentional? If so, that's some tremendously quick wit. (For those unaware, "The Elite" is a subsection of the Bullet Club consisting of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. There's also a popular YouTube show featuring the entire Bullet Club called "Being The Elite," produced by the Jacksons).

It didn't take long for one of the actual members of the Bullet Club faction, Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks, to respond to Cena via Twitter.


Obviously the odds of this ever happening are quite low and it was Cena having fun with a fan's question. That being said, NJPW has talked about possibly opening a working relationship with WWE at some point in the future, so one should never say never.