John Cena and Andy Samberg Star in HBO Comedy 'Tour de Pharmacy'

John Cena will appear in the upcoming HBO comedy Tour de Pharmacy, which premieres on HBO on July 8th. The film is a mockumentary that parodies doping scandals in professional cycling, specifically the Tour De France and its widespread allegations of performance-enhancing drug use.

It stars Andy Samberg, and is written by Murray Miller and directed by Jake Szymanski- the team behind HBO tennis comedy 7 Days in Hell. A spiritual sequel to that film, Tour De Pharmacy sees Samberg as one of several riders competing in the 1982 Tour De France, an event in which "nearly every rider was on drugs" resulting in total mayhem.

The WWE superstar and Lonely Island leader are joined by a loaded cast that includes Orlando Bloom, Mike Tyson, J.J. Abrams, Danny Glover, Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Bacon, Will Forte, Maya Rudolph, and even Lance Armstrong (in a surprising cameo, given the subject matter). You can watch the official teaser trailer below.

[H/T WrestlingInc ]