Jeff Hardy Gets Bad News Concerning His Shoulder Injury

Over the weekend, news broke that Jeff Hardy was suffering from a significant shoulder injury. We now know that Hardy will need surgery to repair the damaged shoulder. reports that Hardy has a torn rotator cuff and labrum. The report claims that Hardy hurt himself during the Six-Pack-Challenge won by Jason Jordan last week on RAW.

"Jeff is dealing with a rotator cuff tear right now," said WWE Senior Ringside Physician Dr. Stephen Daquino. "It's a full thickness tear of his supraspinatus tendon and a couple of other areas in the shoulder. He's going to go for evaluation and probably for surgery next week."

Hardy would go on to personally address his injury and future.

"Once they get in there, they'll figure out more about what they have to repair," said Hardy. "But for sure, the rotator cuff has to be repaired, and then they'll look at the labrum when they get in there."

For Jeff, this comes at a tough time as he was appreciating his career more than ever before.

"It's depressing," Hardy told "More than any time in a career, it's those times that make you go, 'Wow, I love professional wrestling.' It sucks that I can't be involved in [a] match or can't get in there and do what I normally do because I'm injured, but I just have to get over that, stop worrying about it and look forward and push myself to get repaired and healed and come back better than ever with a brand-new shoulder."

There's still no word on how long Hardy will be out but we can guess he'll be missing the rest of 2017.

Despite the loss, fans have begun to speculate on the silver lining of Jeff's potentially long absence. Matt Hardy may finally have the necessary breathing room to become "BROKEN" as a solo wrestler.

However, having Jeff around was not the key factor as to why Matt had to stay within the parameters of his normal WWE character. Matt is currently embroiled in a legal battle with his former employer, Impact/GFW over the rights to the Broken gimmick. Until GFW relents their legal stronghold, Matt Hardy will have to stay unbroken.


There is the off chance that WWE and Hardy acquired the privilege to use the characters thanks to GFW's rapid economic decline, but that seems unlikely.

Broken or not, it looks like Matt Hardy will be on his own for the rest of 2017.