Is Cesaro WWE Championship Material?

Perhaps no one in WWE has a more impassioned cult following than Cesaro. But if it was up to former WWE Champion, Jack Swagger, it's time for Cesaro to move into the mainstream.

In an interview with, Swagger had nothing but love for his old running mate and believes that Cesaro should be at the tippy top of WWE.

"Cesaro should be world champ," said Swagger. "I'm not afraid to say it, Cesaro is my favorite wrestler. It used to be Kurt Angle, but it's now Antonio Cesaro. He's the strongest guy there, he can go with anybody, and he is a guy that a company can invest in."

Past and present superstars (most notably Steve Austin) have been strong proponents of Cesaro's ability and potential. Jack Swagger is no exception.

"In addition to being gifted athletically and being the strongest guy in the room, Cesaro is very smart upstairs," said Swagger. "He can go in the back and wrestle a match out in his head, then he'll add his Cesaro-isms in the ring to really make the match special."

Swagger says that Cesaro understands ring psychology on a fundamental level and actually helped him along his career.

"He knows exactly where to put things and make a match explosive. 'Sell, sell, sell, then holy sh–, explosion!' He's so flexible, and he's made all his tag team partners better. He made Tyson Kidd better, and he was the driving force for me in the Real Americans tag team," said Swagger.

According to Swagger, Cesaro has the attitude that goes with being a top guy in WWE too.

"His big swing is gold. He's very hungry, and coming from the indies, he has a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove. He uses that as fuel to keep getting better and not get complacent, and he would be the perfect guy to be world champ," said Swagger.

No one has ever questioned Cesaro's physical aptitude. But what's hurt Cesaro's rise to WWE's peak is his lack of compelling personality. WWE seemed to buy into him early on and stuck him with Paul Heyman. Despite the Advocate's verbal blessing, Cesaro still didn't click with the WWE crowd as expected.


Ever since, the Swiss Superman has bounced around WWE's mid-card nabbing accomplishments such a the Andre the Giant Battle Royal victory, and a couple turns with Tag Team Championships. It's hard to project just how far Cesaro can go. If he is to expand his role in WWE, he'd need to break away from Sheamus. Consider how successful they've been as a duo, WWE may not be too keen on dividing success.