Hulk Hogan Involved in Another Lawsuit Over Sex Tape

Last year Hulk Hogan sued Gawker Media for $100 million after the company released his infamous sex tape. He won the lawsuit, forcing the company to file for bankruptcy and be sold off before he could collect the money. But now it appears the drama around the sex tape isn't over.

ABC Action News in Tampa Bay reported this week that Hogan is suing Mike 'Cowhead' Calta, a morning host on a Tampa-based radio station, along with his coworker and the station's owner Cox Media for allegedly "stealing, disseminating, using and exploiting illegally-recorded video."

"The defendants asked the judge to dismiss the case but last week their motion was denied," ABC Action News wrote. "Calta and Loyd have refused to answer allegations in Hogan’s complaint to provide their defenses.

"In the latest ruling, the judge has ordered them both to respond within 20 days. Hogan is seeking unspecified damages claiming the tape ruined his 35-year professional wrestling career."

The tape, and several comments made by Hogan within, caused the WWE to cut ties with Hogan back in July 2015. The company has gradually started allowing the former world champion to be mentioned in its programming and rumors of his return have been swirling for months, but nothing has materialized as of yet.