Hideo Itami Sends Brian Kendrick to the Hospital

Monday night turned into a rough Christmas holiday for Brian Kendrick.

Kendrick and Hideo Itami had a match during Monday's edition of RAW, live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago. Something notable about the match was Itami's use of the Go To Sleep (GTS) to get the win. Not because it's Itami's signature finish (and has been for several years), but because he used the move in the hometown of CM Punk.

Punk used the GTS has a finish while in WWE as an homage to Itami, who was then a superstar in Japan. While Punk always acknowledged that Itami (Kenta) made the move popular, others have criticized him for using the move and gaining the most notoriety for it.

All of this has lead Itami to be on an unofficial mission since joining WWE of reclaiming the move as his own. The move got a massive reaction Monday night when he used it on Kendrick during RAW, but perhaps the reaction got Itami a little too pumped up. Kendrick took the move pretty hard, getting the knee directly in the face and immediately grasping his face in response.

A report from PWInsider noted that Kendrick was sent to the hospital for examination. There's no word yet whether or not an injury was suffered, though rumors have been abound of a possible broken nose or broke orbital bone based off of how Kendrick grabbed his face following the move. It was Corey Graves who speculated about a possible orbital bone fracture. When slowing down the video it's pretty clear that Kendrick took a knee directly to his left eye area.


We will keep you updated on a diagnosis (or lack there of) of any injury suffered by Kendrick. In the meantime, take in the following video clip of the GTS from Monday night.