Goldust and Mandy Rose Tease Permanent Partnership

Last summer, Goldust proclaimed to the WWE Universe that he would unveil his new protege at [...]

Last summer, Goldust proclaimed to the WWE Universe that he would unveil his new protege at SummerSlam. But that never happened, in fact, in the months that have passed the Bizarre One has yet to mention his forgotten promise. However, the idea just resurfaced - this time with an actual candidate.

In an act that can only be described as fate, the wrestling gods may have just plopped the starlet of Goldust's dreams into his lap. Originally, Goldust was paired with Alicia Fox for the Mixed Match Challenge, but an injury forced WWE to swap her out with Mandy Rose. Ever since, Goldy and Mandy have been flashing a natural chemistry in the build-up to their MMC contest. Even though they'd lose that match to Jimmy Uso and Naomi, and unbreakable bond may have been formed.

In the post-match interview, the duo expressed remorse for not being able to accomplish more together - but an idea struck Goldust.

"My heart is hurting, you know, because I was really looking forward to this because you have something special, man. When I had the camera on you, you were just glowing, and I'm not talking about them out there. You have the 'it' factor. You are going to be so huge and at any given day you can please, please come back and be my leading lady," he offered.

And her response?

"Oh, I would love to."

The prospective team already has a name, too: Rosegold. Perfect!

WWE may want to consider making this one happen. At the moment, Rose is tied up with Paige's group, Absolution. However, that faction could all but disappear in the coming months given the sad news behind Paige's medical condition. However, if Absolution were to dissolve, Mandy should pair with the WWE Hall of Famer the next day.

Goldust is one of the more iconic characters in WWE history and it's hard to imagine him not being a great manager. This feels like a natural opportunity that WWE would be foolish to ignore.

To be frank RAW's women's division could use a spark. Sure, Ronda Rousey is an acquisition that cannot be overstated, but she's just one wrestler. Look no further than the Elimination Chamber for proof that the women's roster is hurting for talent that WWE can build around. A mixed pair like Rose and Goldust would be an easy way to ignite some excitement amongst the women's ranks.

Here's to hoping we see RoseGold in 2018!