Goldust, Cody Rhodes, WWE Superstars Pay Tribute to Dusty Rhodes on Anniversary of His Death

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes passed away at the age of 69 on June 11, 2015.

Numerous wrestlers from the past and present, including Rhodes' sons Cody Rhodes and Dutin Rhodes (Goldust), paid tribute to the legend on the third-year anniversary of his passing.

"Dream," Cody wrote, posting a picture of Batman and Robin.

"Been an especially hard year for me," Goldust tweeted. "3 yrs. ago we lost our dad. Every damn day, I wish I could see you, or pick up the phone and call you. God , I miss you dad. You are the strongest, greatest man I ever knew. I love you pops."

He later posted a photo of the tree where Rhodes' ashes were buried.

"Miss you my friend," NXT General Manager William Regal tweeted.

"Never underestimate the power you give someone by believing in them," WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page wrote, positng a video tribute to Rhodes. "That's the power that the late, great Dusty Rhodes gave DDP. This is my tribute."

"One of the only men who believed that I could make this DREAM come true!" Dana Brooke wrote. "I miss you."

"Thinking about Dream today. He influenced me waaaay before I came to know him. Every 'street fight' I ever did, I did in 'Bunkhouse' gear," former wrestler and current WWE producer Adam Pearce wrote. "That was because of Dusty Rhodes. I miss you, Dream."

Sasha Banks posted a photo of Rhodes' iconic black and yellow polka-dots from his WWF days.

Legendary commentator Jim Ross posted his tribute to Instagram, showing a throwback photo of Dusty Rhodes with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, a title he won three times.

(Photo: Instagram/@jimrossbbq)

"The greatest performers in the squared circle are embellished replicas of themselves," Ross wrote. "Dusty Rhodes was simply cast as himself, and no one portrayed themselves better than The American Dream."

Along with his impressive in-ring career in the National Wrestling Alliance, Jim Crockett Promotions and the World Wrestling Federation, Rhodes worked as the head writer and creative producer of the NXT developmental territory during his early days, helping some of the current roster's biggest stars develop their in-ring personas.