Is WWE Wasting Baron Corbin and Rusev?

In a promotion that's as big as WWE, some Superstars are bound to get neglected and underutilized. Names like Sami Zayn and Finn Balor are quick to come to fan's minds when comes to recalling "buried" talent. However, according to former WWE Creative member, Alex Greenfield, WWE's greatest sin is forgetting about Rusev.

While appearing on WrestleZone's podcast, Greenfield opened up on the subject of Rusev's misuse in WWE.

"I think the handling since returning from injury has not been great. Rusev is a guy that I have always been interested in. I did not buy into Rusev for a very long time... It turns out that he is a really smart, sharp performer who has made just about everything work," he said.

Greenfield is concerned that the WWE may be positioning Rusev to lose yet again.

"Despite bad booking, his personality just gets him across. Boy, I hope they don't go and have Randy beat him again because at this point what are they warming Randy up for? I think Rusev as a strong villain to setup for Styles is certainly what I would pitch if I was still in the room," he claimed.

AJ Styles is actually on the record of saying Rusev is the one guy he'd like to work with. It certainly seems within the realm of possibility.

Greenfield is also a staunch proponent of Baron Corbin but thinks he's really been hurt by the recent negativity surrounding his name.

"I've been talking about this for years about the guy: he keeps showing flashes of fire that I really like. There was a bit near the end of his NXT run where he was sort of doing what Batista was doing at the end of his last run of being the anti-indie guy," he said. "I loved that but every time they start to bring him up, and I read the same sh*t that's in the Observer and whatever, I have no inside knowledge about if he has heat or not. In a similar way to Bray Wyatt they start to light the fire and you start to see the potential and then it all just evaporates."

Evaporation is the perfect way to describe Baron Corbin's last few weeks. Despite Greenfield's logic, it seems that things won't be getting better for Rusv or Corbin anytime soon. While they'll be working top stars like Randy Orton and AJ Styles their chances of winning are awfully slim.



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