Has WWE Gone Cold on Finn Balor?

According to Dave Meltzer and the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is stalling Finn Balor's main event push.

Not long ago, RAW featured Paul Heyman standing toe-to-toe with Balor calling him the "greatest in-ring-talent" on WWE's roster. That segment was before Extreme Rules where Balor would compete in a fatal five-way for the right to challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. But despite Heyman's glowing endorsement, Balor did not win that match, in fact, he was submitted by Samoa Joe, who will get his title opportunity this Sunday at Great Balls of Fire.

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Ever since Balor has been wandering around WWE's mid-card. This past week, he had an arbitrary match with WWE's most arbitrary superstar, Cesaro. Before that, he was participating in a 6-man tag match with the Hardy Boyz. Considering almost a year ago Balor was crowned as the first ever WWE Universal Champion, should his fans be panicking over his current standing on the roster?


With the surge that Samoa Joe has enjoyed along with the near biblical rise of Braun Strowman, the main event is spoken for. Add the newfound flexibility of John Cena flipping from RAW to SmackDown and it's easy to see how Balor is getting pushed off the top of WWE's card.

Paul Heyman Finn Balor

However, WWE is still making an effort to keep the Demon King relevant. Since his Extreme Rules defeat, Balor has been mixing it up with WWE's newest addition, the Drifter, Elias Sampson.

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Sampson has quickly made a nice impression since his promotion, notching wins over the likes of Dean Ambrose. He's been targeting Balor for several weeks now, but their feud is still in its infancy as it hasn't developed enough to earn a match on the Great Balls of Fire card.

That's the other point of concern. As of today, Balor will be off of this Sunday's card. What could be worse is if WWE sticks he and Elias hastily on the Great Balls of Fire Pre-Show.


For a guy who was once rumored to be a marquee opponent for the Beast Incarnate, Balor has certainly taken a step back. Luckily in wrestling, it's easy to heat up a talent. But for that to happen, a wrestler has to earn it. Finn may have his work cut out for him. We'll know if he's in actual danger of slipping away by what WWE does with him for SummerSlam.