Watch: Female Mexican Wrestler Suffers Gruesome Leg Injury

While professional wrestling is technically fake, sometimes it can get very real. Goya Kong of Mexico's Lucha Libre AAA was just on the wrong end of a botched stunt that made the world of fabricated storylines and punches flip to a sobering trip to the emergency room.

Goya King made an ambitious attempt to somersault off of the ring apron onto a slew of foes. While she executed the acrobatics portion of the move, it was the landing that cost her. The 30-year old had her leg pinned upon hitting the floor, putting it in an all too vulnerable position. What happened next would make the most stoic wrestling fan cringe.

On a positive note, Goya Kong seems likes she's in good spirits.


"Despite the fact that it is a bad injury, I want to carry on. God sends his best warriors into the worst battles," she told fans from her hospital bed.